About us

PEARL Institute of Management and Information Technology

PEARL is an independent, non-political and non-sectarian technical and professional educational organization. It is established in June 1999 by a group of highly educated and strongly committed professionals from different fields. All members are highly motivated who believe in teamwork and discipline.

The PEARL Organization foundation stone was laid down in June 1999 to address the severe lack of professional and technical skills in Quetta, which is a result of the low level literacy in the city. This organization has several faculties covering information technology, management science, English language, public financial accounting, Virtual University of Pakistan program along with research, training and development modules.

PEARL enjoys sound establishment with its two beautiful campuses located at prime locations in Quetta City: the Main Campus is purpose built modern design constructed on 12,000 Sq/Ft covered area consists of four floors located in the heart of Quetta City, while the Jinnah Campus is situated at Jinnah Town, Quetta Cantonment. Subject to the satisfaction of PEARL administration, this organization is stable and has the ability to sustain a regular functioning on a long-term basis. The financial resources of the institution are sufficient to enable it to make due provision for its continued maintenance and efficient working.

PEARL is confident to achieve its mission and all our achievements motivate others to follow the same footsteps for national progress. PEARL has shown the light and now it is flourishing all around in our society with a strong vision and objectives. PEARL Institute of Management and Information Technology is also organizing seminars, workshops, training, exhibition, debate contests, and other co-curricular activities to promote technical and professional education to promote young talents for their professional career development.



The advanced Technical education for professional career, carried out in a real professional way !!!


PEARL Institute of Management and IT, Quetta has set clear and precise SMART Objectives to achieve its strategic goals and turns its vision into reality since its established in June 1999 by a group of highly educated academic team.

  • To promote research oriented activities
  • To encourage healthy extracurricular activities
  • To provide strong administrative support
  • To provide a multi-dimensional technical-education in a pure professional environment
  • To offer a rigorous academic program, which provides the necessary skills to all students
  • To be a progressive, confident, and forward-looking organization that believes in quality education & personality development
  • To provide a highly qualified, competent, & richly experienced faculty and resource persons