PEARL Institute of Management and Information Technology

As it is said that Baluchistan is one of the more marginalized province in country, but the people who are living here, well know their anguish difficulties and aging that how they face life with numerous difficulties. Even in the era of modernization and advancement, the people of Baluchistan are not provided the basic amenities of life that’s why they still live in backwardness. Awareness and understanding are the needs of people so that they give priority to collective interests and knowing the government’ s compulsion and limited resources they define their way of life better. Different Social Organizations and social theorists, who are having their effort and hard work to mobilize and aware the people about their problems by knowing this situation, the PEARL Organization play its positive role for a social change.

PEARL Institute of Management and IT, Quetta is one of the Pakistan's fastest growing institutions offering number of Degree, Diploma and Certificate Programs. PEARL has taken a lead in Management and IT training in Baluchistan by its establishment to fulfill a dire need of this province with the sound professionalism and seriousness of purpose flavored academic courses run by highly qualified and committed faculty. PEARL has set an example of standard for others to emulate and thereby contribute in the progress of our society. The PEARL Mission is “The advanced technical education for professional careers, carried out in a real professional way”. To achieve this mission PEARL has arranged special intensive training packages with active participation of professional and expertise to promote technical educational activities.

PEARL is proud of its outward looking perspective and strives to expand its national outlook by maintaining the national links for arranging different programs according to the requirement of today’s challenges. PEARL is providing up to date knowledge in the field of management sciences and IT. We are backed by a team of highly qualified professional and programmers with modern facilities and have contacts with national and international expertise sharing same objectives and information to set values and ethical practices with devotion, honesty, consistency & integrity.