Key Attributes

Key Attributes

Since its establishment in 1999, the PEARL Institute has built an enviable reputation as a disciplined professional training education, and has supported various its graduate students in their career development. Many of our graduate and diploma holders are currently employed in different local, national and international leading organizations in both public and private sectors. PEARL Language Department is proud to offer its unique program of courses designed specially to cater the needs of those aspiring for distinction and excellence in English Communication Skills. All academic programs at PEARL are accredited to ensure quality training and professional career development.

PEARL has key milestones to keep maintaining and delivering quality professional training courses with major objects:

  • To develop and produce professional trained manpower having tendency to work in any National or International environment with expert skill and knowledge.
  • To fill up the gap between demand and supply of professionals especially in the field of management sciences and information technology.
  • To get an appropriate feedback from the job market in the form of innovative skill development programs.
  • To be confident and forward looking institution by embracing the opportunities offered in the career development of Management and IT to assist youth in their successful, sustainable and satisfying professional career.

PEARL Institute, Quetta is backed by a team of highly qualified professionals and educationists with modern facilities, purpose built campus and training links with national and international organizations, sharing same objectives and information to set values and ethical practices with devotion, honesty, consistency and integrity. We know at PEARL that it’s easy to see why Commerce, IT, Business and Management are such a popular study choice around the world, and why hundreds of leading employers each year sponsor their staff for these trainings. A competitive global economy means a good grounding in IT and business is becoming more and more essential if we want to lead our youth ahead in life. PEARL Institute with the affiliation of University of Baluchistan, Virtual University of Pakistan, Baluchistan Intermediate Board, and Directorate of Colleges offers successfully various skills development training courses since 1999.

PEARL is right in the hub of innovation and creative environment. Philosophy behind our vision is the quality professional higher training to prepare our youth for their career development challenges because we at PEARL understand that skilled and well trained manpower can only lead the nation in the right direction. PEARL Quetta campus is located in the heart of Quetta city with purpose built structure and all necessary facilities. For research and development we have now established a link in the UK at Cranfield University that provides supportive facility for knowledge based research and high technology innovations.