Business Administration is an exciting and fast growing field of today's global economy. To enhance a new flavor to the existing system of professional education, a successful professional is the one who can effectively use the modern techniques of business. PEARL’s Management Sciences Program will fulfill the ever multiplying demands of the time, as PEARL seeks through this department to equip the younger generation with a clear understanding of economic, business and accounting of their education career. Management Sciences Program is an excellent base for a wide range of careers across the industrial and commercial business.

Quetta, capital of Baluchistan, still lacks in different fields of life due to very low literacy rate and substandard education level. PEARL aims to provide facilities in-order to enhance and improve the lower level of life through modern education. These facilities will be extended throughout Baluchistan in terms of technical education.

In a rapidly evolving world, PEARL is constantly innovating and updating our learning environment with the need and age of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Nations will face serious challenges without training and equipping themselves with ICTs in this era of advancement, so; PEARL is the ultimate source for such challenges. Trends towards advanced education are fast changing from traditional methods to computerized and logical one. PEARL dares to take lead by offering its best faculty team and supportive learning to the community. By the Grace of Almighty Allah and the cooperation of the community, we are serving and training people of our nation successfully. PEARL with its highly educated faculty, richly qualified management, and the most experienced advisory committee is earning stable standard in the field of management sciences, computer sciences, Information and communication professional education.

PEARL Institute of Management and IT, Quetta is one of the fastest growing institutions offers number of Degree, Diploma and Certificate Programs. PEARL has taken a lead in Management Sciences and IT in Baluchistan by its establishment in 1999. To fulfil a dire need of this province with sound professionalism and seriousness; purpose flavoured training programs are organized by qualified and committed faculty staff. PEARL has set up an example of standard for others to emulate and thereby contribute in the national progress.